Saturday, June 7, 2014


TCP /I P : Transmission control protocol , Internet Protocol .
A Common name for the suite of protocols developed by US Department of defense in the 1970'support the construction of word wide network TCP and IP are the two best -known protocols in the suite .

TCP ( Transmission Control protocol ) It's represent the heart of the Internet protocols .
I P ( Internet protocol ) IP has a packet addressing method , transfer the packet through the Internet any computer .

IP address :--IP Address: Every system connected to the Internet or connected to particular network has a unique or logical address, Similarly every system connected to the its own unique IP address.
The format of an IP address is a 32 bit numeric address, Written as four numbers separated each number can be 0 to 255.
Today’s I know that the 2 IP versions are available .IP V4 IPV6.
IP address has two Parts :à
1} Network Address
2} Host Address
IP address is two types à
1} Private
2} Public
1} Private : {Can be used on a private Network, This IP address is original by the system administrator and no registration required.}
2} Public { The directory used in the internet need a public IP address .Public address is assigned no. authority ( IANA) ISP }.

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