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TCP /I P : Transmission control protocol , Internet Protocol .
A Common name for the suite of protocols developed by US Department of defense in the 1970'support the construction of word wide network TCP and IP are the two best -known protocols in the suite .

TCP ( Transmission Control protocol ) It's represent the heart of the Internet protocols .
I P ( Internet protocol ) IP has a packet addressing method , transfer the packet through the Internet any computer .

IP address :--IP Address: Every system connected to the Internet or connected to particular network has a unique or logical address, Similarly every system connected to the its own unique IP address.
The format of an IP address is a 32 bit numeric address, Written as four numbers separated each number can be 0 to 255.
Today’s I know that the 2 IP versions are available .IP V4 IPV6.
IP address has two Parts :à
1} Network Address
2} Host Address
IP address is two types à
1} Private
2} Public
1} Private : {Can be used on a private Network, This IP address is original by the system administrator and no registration required.}
2} Public { The directory used in the internet need a public IP address .Public address is assigned no. authority ( IANA) ISP }.

Port Numbers

Port Numbers Used By  Malicious Trojan Horse Programs

Trojan Horse programs are programs that appear to do something that you

want them to do (and they may actually do the good thing that you want,

whatever that may be), but also perform malicious activities on your system(s) that you are unaware of. Default ports used by some known trojan horses are as follows:
port 21 Blade Runner, Doly Trojan, Fore, FTP trojan, Invisible FTP, Larva,

                WebEx, WinCrash

port 23 Tiny Telnet Server

port 25 Antigen, Email Password Sender, Haebu Coceda, Kuang2, ProMail

          trojan, Shtrilitz, Stealth, Tapiras, Terminator, WinPC, WinSpy

port 31 Agent 31, Hackers Paradise, Masters Paradise

port 41 DeepThroat

port 58 DMSetup

port 79 Firehotcker

port 80 Executor

port 110 ProMail trojan

port 121 JammerKillah

port 421 TCP Wrappers

port 456 Hackers Paradise

port 531 Rasmin

port 555 Ini-Killer, Phase Zero, Stealth Spy

port 666 Attack FTP, Satanz Backdoor

port 911 Dark Shadow

port 999 DeepThroat

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port 1001 Silencer, WebEx

port 1011 Doly Trojan

port 1012 Doly Trojan

port 1024 NetSpy

port 1045 Rasmin

port 1090 Xtreme

port 1170 Psyber Stream Server, Voice

port 1234 Ultors Trojan

port 1243 BackDoor-G, SubSeven

port 1245 VooDoo Doll

port 1349 (UDP) BO DLL

port 1492 FTP99CMP

port 1600 Shivka-Burka

port 1807 SpySender

port 1981 Shockrave

port 1999 BackDoor

port 2001 Trojan Cow

port 2023 Ripper

port 2115 Bugs

port 2140 Deep Throat, The Invasor

port 2565 Striker

port 2583 WinCrash

port 2801 Phineas Phucker

port 3024 WinCrash

port 3129 Masters Paradise

port 3150 Deep Throat, The Invasor

port 3700 Portal of Doom

port 4092 WinCrash

port 4567 File Nail

port 4590 ICQTrojan

port 5000 Bubbel, Back Door Setup, Sockets de Troie

port 5001 Back Door Setup, Sockets de Troie

port 5321 Firehotcker

port 5400 Blade Runner

port 5401 Blade Runner

port 5402 Blade Runner

port 5555 ServeMe

port 5556 BO Facil

port 5557 BO Facil

port 5569 Robo-Hack

port 5742 WinCrash

port 6400 The Thing

port 6670 DeepThroat

port 6771 DeepThroat

port 6776 BackDoor-G, SubSeven

port 6939 Indoctrination

port 6969 GateCrasher, Priority

port 7000 Remote Grab

port 7300 NetMonitor

©2002 CRC Press LLC

port 7301 NetMonitor

port 7306 NetMonitor

port 7307 NetMonitor

port 7308 NetMonitor

port 7789 Back Door Setup, ICKiller

port 9872 Portal of Doom

port 9873 Portal of Doom

port 9874 Portal of Doom

port 9875 Portal of Doom

port 9989 iNi-Killer

port 10067 Portal of Doom

port 10167 Portal of Doom

port 10520 Acid Shivers

port 10607 Coma

port 11000 Senna Spy

port 11223 Progenic trojan

port 12223 Hack’99 KeyLogger

port 12345 GabanBus, NetBus, Pie Bill Gates, X-bill